Band T Shirt Printing

Here at Calder Screen Print we have over 25 years experience in printing Band T Shirts. In fact, we’ve printed band T shirts for so long it feels like we invented the concept of printing Band T shirts!

Distinctive band merchandising really gets your band noticed. Band merchandise from Calder Screenprint is much more affordable than you might have thought.

At Calder Screenprint, we offer both t-shirt screen printing and direct to garment print and we can talk you through which is the best option for you.

Screen printing for band t-shirts is ideal for simple logos/designs that only have a few colours within the design.

Band direct to garment printing is ideal for band t-shirts which have more complex designs and differing designs requiring a number of smaller print runs. Direct to garment t-shirt printing is more costly than screen printed t-shirts, however, there is no minimum number required and is more suited to smaller orders with multi-coloured designs.

Too many forms to fill in on the Internet these days! We like to make it easy to order your Printed Band T shirts. Simply call us on 01422 377799 and we’ll talk to you in plain English on how to order your printed band T shirts.

Alternatively, click the button below to email us your enquiry

Band t shirt printing